Anthem production dates

April 25, 2008 at 4:15 pm (Uncategorized)

6/14/08  Atlanta
6/15/08  Travel from Atlanta to New Orleans
6/16/08  New Orleans
6/17/08  New Orleans
6/18/08  Travel from New Orleans to Austin
6/19/08  Austin
6/20/08  Austin
6/21/08  Travel from Austin to Dallas
6/22/08  Dallas
6/23/08  Dallas
6/24/08  Dallas
6/25/08  Travel from Dallas to St. Louis
6/2608   St. Louis
6/27/08  St. Louis
6/28/08  St. Louis
6/29/08  Travel from St. Louis to Chicago
6/30/08  Chicago
7/1/08    Chicago
7/2/08    Chicago
7/3/08    Travel from Chicago to Grand Rapids
7/4/08    Grand Rapids
7/5/08    Grand Rapids
7/6/08    Grand Rapids
7/7/08    Travel from Grand Rapids to Atlanta 
Momentum is building, the story is preparing, we believe.

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7 weeks

April 25, 2008 at 4:04 pm (Uncategorized)

Hey guys,

Wow so there it is, less then 7 weeks from now the BV team will be hitting the road to begin production on “Anthem”. For those who haven’t heard about the film, this summer we will be living in an RV for three weeks traveling across to country to capture the real life stories of God using ordinary people in his extraordinary story. Also while in each city we will be hosting gatherings called “house parties” in which we will be gathering local campus and church leaders to share the vision of the events we want to join with them in hosting next year.

Needless to say it has been an exciting, a little crazy and scary time as we are leaning hard into the belief that God is going to walk before us and prepare a journey of this size and scale! He has been so faithful in providing the hundreds of details and relationships needed to make a film like this happen, His involvement has been unmistakable these last few weeks in the big and small things.

We need you to journey with us, we need your prayers and not just a thought, we need you on your knees for us and for what we believe God is beginning. We have seen the results of many of your prayers already, please continue to join with us as we move into these summer months. We will have production dates online tomorrow which is SO exciting and represents so much planning coming together. In the mean time keep sharing the story of what we are doing with anyone who will listen, continue praying, and believe in a God big enough to use broken people like you and I in his plan to save the world!


Andrew and the BV team

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