Anthem production dates

April 25, 2008 at 4:15 pm (Uncategorized)

6/14/08  Atlanta
6/15/08  Travel from Atlanta to New Orleans
6/16/08  New Orleans
6/17/08  New Orleans
6/18/08  Travel from New Orleans to Austin
6/19/08  Austin
6/20/08  Austin
6/21/08  Travel from Austin to Dallas
6/22/08  Dallas
6/23/08  Dallas
6/24/08  Dallas
6/25/08  Travel from Dallas to St. Louis
6/2608   St. Louis
6/27/08  St. Louis
6/28/08  St. Louis
6/29/08  Travel from St. Louis to Chicago
6/30/08  Chicago
7/1/08    Chicago
7/2/08    Chicago
7/3/08    Travel from Chicago to Grand Rapids
7/4/08    Grand Rapids
7/5/08    Grand Rapids
7/6/08    Grand Rapids
7/7/08    Travel from Grand Rapids to Atlanta 
Momentum is building, the story is preparing, we believe.

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