Getting closer

June 2, 2008 at 3:13 pm (Uncategorized)

Well we are at the beginning of our last full week before taking off! God has continued to provide richly, and to say we are getting excited would be an understatement. Pray for our team this week as we are working hard to close the loop on final plans and preparations. We have a bunch of small stuff that needs to get taken care of this week, pray for progress and completion on preparation work this week. Also, in the midst of a lot of “stuff”, ask that God would be preparing our hearts to be fully awake and alive to take in all He has for us while on the road.

God is preparing the way for us, and it is amazing to be seeing him so clearly at work all around us. It makes me wonder how much of my life I have lived asleep to the story all around me? How often does He long to involve me  in what He is doing and I am just to caught up in my own stuff to notice? I have never been more aware of the battle raging, the story writing, and the anthem growing from lives just like you and me!

Andrew and the BV team.



  1. Lynn Mercer said,

    Andrew and company
    I am getting so excited for you all. I do pray that God will keep you “fully awake” as to what He is planning. We all need more of that in our lives. Thanks for being a true example of living “the great adventure”. God Bless.

  2. brokenvoices said,

    Lynn that is so encouraging… Thank you so much and stay tuned as we will need more encouragement like that while we are out!

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