Really quiet

June 16, 2008 at 3:19 am (Uncategorized)

It is late and Emily and I are writing this entry from our first stop in New Orleans! We had an incredible day today, driving was smooth, and time with team was great. It’s amazing how with everything so busy leading up to the film, getting on the road today was strangely relaxing. A friend of mine named Dave was telling me before we began production that his prayer for me was that everything would get really quiet, I felt that today. Holding a camera out the window as we drove I just found myself asking God what is it You want these next weeks to be about. We are all asking Him to calm all the commotion and be the author of this story, keep our team flexible and lead us exactly to what you have. 

Tomorrow morning we shoot our first story, with an amazing woman named Jeannie. More coming soon on Jeanie’s story but it would take more then a blog entry to tell. Ask God to calm nerves, bring out honesty, and use this story to shine a spot light on who God is, and how He works through ordinary people. Thank you for your prayers, I wish I could tell you how much we felt them today. Dreams of awakening are not things satan takes lightly and neither do we, thank you for covering us today. Thank you Father for allowing us a role in your story. Check out the video below for more from today, good night from New Orleans!

Click here for Anthem Video update 2

Andrew, Emily and the BV team



  1. Mom said,

    The blog is great! We will be able to keep a close watch on what the Lord has planned.
    We love you all and are praying for a restful nights sleep to wake refreshed and ready for what God has. Sleep tight.

    love Mom and Curt

  2. Mom Deuel said,

    Thankful for your first day of safe travel. You are constantly on my mind. Praying for a smooth day as you film Jeannie. I will pray that the equipment works perfectly and that her story comes across as truly a work of the Lord.
    Love you all. OXOXOX Mom Deuel

  3. bigmicah said,

    Really wish I was there with you guys. Praying for all of you.

  4. brokenvoices said,

    thanks everyone for your comments were at Jeannie’s the boys are inside shooting…the girls are awesome! Erica and I have had a blast with them. peace out!
    love Em and Erica

    ps…thanks mom for the comment love you

  5. Jordan H said,

    Hey guys,

    Loved the video… The song was amazing, Andrew’s hair was amazing, the baby actors were phenomenal. I was, however, a little disappointed that you didn’t have time to put in some CGI crawfish… Oh well.

    Love you guys… can’t wait to hear what God is up to!


  6. Matthew Eugene said,

    3:19 a.m. is when you’re SUPPOSE to be quiet…and asleep!!

    Grace and peace as you guys get you feet wet and capture the beginnings of what is only the beginning.

    Love you all – praying daily.


  7. darrylneka said,

    hi remember me just want you to knopw we are all praying for you all

  8. brokenvoices said,

    Hey Darrylneka (and the rest of Jeannie’s crew) we were absolutely blessed by our time with you today. We will be thinking about and praying for each of you often! Blessings, Matt & the BV Team

  9. Mom said,

    From your last blog entry we can see how faithful the Lord is! Jeannie keep trusting and serving. I know Caleb and little man enjoyed their time in New Orleans. Grandmas and grandpas are missing their boys (both big and small) along with our sweet girls. Grant and Greg we enjoyed your sharing on the video and I am very thankful there was nothing serious that came from the crawdad invasion. Our prayer is for rest for the whole team and blessings on the host family. Praying for you, sleep tight, love Mom

  10. Andrew's grannye said,

    Hi Andrew, Emily, Cole and the gang!
    Andrew, you are doing an incredible job keeping us up to date with your happenings. I continue to pray for you all everyday. I just know God has great things in store for you and others who will benefit from your project.
    Much Love,

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