June 17, 2008 at 11:27 pm (Uncategorized)

After spending time shooting in the beautiful French Quarter this morning, we had lunch with some new found local friends including a magician who among other tricks stole my watch! This afternoon was spent filming out in some of the heaviest parts of the Katrina damage, exactly where Jeannie’s girls used to live. If you have seen this with your own eyes you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, if you haven’t there is no way to describe the magnitude of the damage even now three years later.

As Matt and I were filming from the roof of the RV as we drove through, I couldn’t imagine all of the pain and hopelessness had come to this one area of the world in one day. As I thought more though, I began to see something beautiful as well. This city is broken and is in obvious need of restoration. With Jeannie’s story fresh on our hearts as we drove today, I saw this incredible picture that in the middle of all of this brokenness, God is using the normal, the ordinary, and the wiling to bring His hope life and restoration to these people. As I sit here tonight I just can’t get this thought out of my head, that the Anthem is people seeing the brokenness, seeing the pain in the world and saying God use my life, here it is I want to bring your change to this place.

More soon, I just had to get that off my heart before I went any further. As you are all praying for us, this film, and Broken Voices, please ask God for the even bigger thing. To see a true movement of God, igniting hearts of people in this country to play a role in God’s story of redemption… The need is great, and the invitation is open to us all.

Andrew and the BV team

P.S Video update as well as photos coming later tonight



  1. Mom said,

    Andrew, what watch was it that the magician did his trick with? It was a blessing to hear and feel your heart. God will work in mighty ways through those who are willing to bring the hope of salvation to people. I believe He will use Broken Voices to accomplish his work. Sleep well, kiss my girl and baby boy goodnight, Mom

  2. brokenvoices said,


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