Only Small Things

June 20, 2008 at 2:02 pm (Uncategorized)



  1. George Deuel said,

    Thanks again for the update BV Team, we appreciate it. Glad to learn that you all are doing well. You are right Andrew, I know that many are praying for you all.

    Love, George/Dad

  2. Joni said,

    You look tired, but so happy and in awe of our God!! When you said it before, I think you put it the best way possible….it is a ‘good’ tired. You look so excited and just fully amazed with God. I am so happy that He is meeting you guys….and is and has been with you all this trip-what an answer to so many prayers. So many people are praying for you guys here….and you are definitely on everyone’s minds constantly. The whole Broken Voices team has so much faith in God, I mean look! You guys are traveling the country for Him!!! Keep having that same Child-like faith. You are such an encouragement to me and everyone here!!! waiting for more updates, Joni
    P.S. That is so awesome about the Yoga!!! I know all about Greg’s yoga moves……he demonstrated them to us many times….I tried a few and always ended up falling over or feeling like my back was about to break!!! So, I hope he isn’t putting you guys through too much pain while trying to make you more flexible:)

  3. Abigail M. said,

    Have a safe trip to Dallas and a fun time dumpin’ Grant on street corners in Austin.
    Praying for you all!


  4. rachaellee said,

    i am so encouraged by what you guys are doing! you guys have incredible faith in the vision that God has laid on your hearts, and it is so awesome hearing about how He is meeting you in such awesome ways! Stay strong and know that what you’re doing matters and is affecting TONS of people for His kingdom! Keep us updated! Praying for all of you – Rachael

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