June 23, 2008 at 1:42 am (Uncategorized)

The boys will be on the radio tonight in Dallas…its streaming online from 9-930.  




  1. Zach Morgan said,

    Hey guys, it was so crazy listening to you on the radio! You guys did an awesome job and really sounded raw and honest in a really good way. Not in a flashy way at all. Anyways I’m prayin for you and I love you all.


  2. Mom Deuel said,

    Great talk show guys!! Your message came across loud and clear. Love the new name “Andrew Big Hair.” I am so proud of you all of you. Rest well tonight. Love you XOXOXO Mom Deuel

  3. George said,

    Mom and I listened to the radio broadcast via the internet. You guys were great and sounded as if you are on the radio everyday. The things you said were not only honoring to God but also a presented a clear picture of what Broken Voices and the Broken Voices team is all about.

    I thought about calling the radio station to ask how Caleb and Cole are doing but I knew it would embarrass you for your parents to call to check up on you on live radio.

    We love you Broken Voices team and are very proud of each of you.

    Great job!!!

    Much love,


  4. Jordan H. said,

    You guys are studs…
    I’d say more but there is little else to say… studs.

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