Caleb & Cole

June 23, 2008 at 4:05 am (Uncategorized)

People have been asking what our kids do while we are filming interviews. Great question! The boys are thrilled to give you a sneak peak into their life behind the scenes in their first podcast! Enjoy!



  1. Lil Jimmy Deuel said,

    That was like an episode of Rob and Big. Next time can you do The Hills?

  2. Mom Deuel said,

    Thanks BV team for giving us the little guys today. They are so precious. Makes my heart smile. Praying for you 24/7. XOXOXO Mom Deuel / Grandma

  3. Mom said,

    Precious, and looking fabulous! Their first missionary journey at 4 and 15 months. Hopefully this is only the beginning. Great beginnings influenced Timothy and prepared him for God’s glory in his life. We will trust that God will do the same in Caleb and Cole. We are praying for you! Mom

  4. Bryan said,

    Now THIS truly captures the power of Broken Voices . . . the story of ordinary guys being used by God and told with film in a way that DEEPLY touches the heart (especially of the grandparents)!!! 🙂

    Thanks – praying for a great week as you capture God’s story in the lives of available, faithful, and deeply loved children.


  5. Joni said,

    AAAWWW!!!! Thanks so much for posting that video!!It made my day to see my handsome, little nephew smiling!!That was so cute….I am pretty sure I watched it like eight times!!!I am so glad you guys are doing well and that God is meeting you!!! What an incredible answer to pray!!!You guys are such an inspiration and encouragement to me on what it means to really live your lives for Christ, and to follow and trust Him with your heart, lives….and even family!!! I miss you all so much!!! Again, thanks for the video…it was SO great to watch!!!!

  6. Andrea said,

    So cute! I love how at the end Baby Caleb tackles Cole… that is truly one NFL star in the making. Plus with a shirt that says, “I don’t have an off botton”… He is well on his way!

  7. Katie Morgan said,

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned that you caught Cole spewing on film…that was by far the best part! When he’s in the front seat of the car right as the camara is turning you can see him spit up..haha. I watched that part four times : )

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