Rested and Ready

June 23, 2008 at 1:48 pm (Uncategorized)

For those of you who prayed for our day off yesterday, thank you. We had an incredibly restful and relaxing day. It was so good to be able to pull back, de-compress, think, journal, and talk through what all we have been experiencing this last week. Last night we got to be a part of the Powertalk radio show here in Dallas which was a blast! Thanks for those of you who listened and called in. Driving back last night and praying for our team, and these coming days, there is such a feeling of peace and expectation.

Also thanks for those of you who prayed for the weather in south Dallas on Saturday. We had an incredible day and are still trying to get our hearts around all that we took in that day. I can’t put into words how inspiring and moving Kyle’s story was, so I won’t even try. The story is expanding and yet becoming more personal with each story we get to capture. The invitation on our lives is becoming clear, and the dreams about what God could use us to be a part of are expanding daily. Today we are headed to Frisco, Texas to film the story of a guy named Russ. More tonight…

We love you guys and are being truly changed as we travel.

Andrew and the BV team

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