Thank You Dallas!

June 25, 2008 at 5:32 pm (Uncategorized)



  1. Rachel Mango said,

    I just look at these videos and i keep realizing that this is real! My friends are across the country in an RV seeing new people and THIS IS REAL!!! It’s just so amazing what you guys are doing for God! It’s just amazing and you guys are such role models and inspirations for me!!!( yes even Caleb and Cole! haha!) I’ve learned from you guys that i should live my life out there for God and that’s all that really matters! Whatever i put my heart to for God can really happen!!!! i love you guys SOOOOOOOOOOOO much and i just thank you so much for what you’ve done more me!!!! love you guys!

  2. Ben Richardson said,

    So stoked for you guys. This is awesome. As I sit in the office and try and kill time, I watch these videos over and over. It brings me huge amounts of joy and peace to see God takin care of my friends. Thanks for following him and chasin hard after a vision. I’m praying for ya on the daily. I love you guys! Keep on keepin on!

  3. Joni said,

    Wow! First thing I have to say is it sure looks like, when you aren’t riding horses, you guys are resting!! ha!! I know I have said this a million times, but you guys really are doing a truely remarkable thing!! What an inspiration!!! I am SO glad to see that God is giving you guys joy and lauhgter among all your filming. Isn’t it funny how laughing can get rid of so much stress!?!?!!
    Erica- I am still missing you like crazy!!! I know this sounds selfish and all…but I am counting down the days until you get back. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am so glad you guys are out doing what you are doing, but I also miss you and cannot wait until you get home!! I think I just might have to throw you a surprise welcome home party…..except I just told you about it so it wouldn’t really be a surpise 🙂
    i love and miss you all so much!!!!

  4. Mo said,

    I expected a shot of Matt and Andrew riding the horses after the shots of Cole and Caleb. I’m a little disappointed…
    But seriously, another awesome view into what you guys are doing and what God is doing. I know you guys are working extremely hard. Praying for good rest. Keep it up!

  5. Lil Jimmy Deuel said,

    Loved the Urban Cowboy shots. Of course Miller probably likes Urban Cowboy IV better.

    Sure does look like you guys are doing a lot of sleeping.

    BTW, I can still bench more than Kendall.

  6. Mom said,

    Those boys are real Texan’s! I pray you all sleep well tonight after a long journey to St. Louis. love, Mom

  7. Kyle Pierson said,

    We’re praying for ya’ll. Blessings.


  8. Matt Deuel said,

    Hey Lil Jimmy…oddly enough, we saw your name and picture on some wanted posters as we were leaving Dallas…just so you know, we did turn you in and Walker Texas Ranger is on his way to get you…the reward money should get us enough gas money to get home…

    and yes, we know you can bench more than Kendall…bet you can’t do as much yoga as Andrew though…

  9. Lil Jimmy Deuel said,

    Yoga? L. Giglio probably does yoga. R. Bell probably does yoga. Tell Andrew he should start doing some mixed martial arts like F. Chan and J. Maxwell.

    Speaking of MMA, tell Walker Texas Ranger that its going to be tough to find me. Like Osama Bin Laden, I’m living on the run between my couch, my chair, and my toilet. I’ve also disguised myself by highlighting my hair and putting on 20 pounds. Of course, he knows a little bit about coloring hair.

  10. Anonymous said,

    This one was my favorite one so far…i almost felt like i was in the rv with you for a minute : )

  11. Katie Morgan said,

    Oops-that was me. I didnt mean to go all mysterous on you

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