Safely in St. Louis

June 26, 2008 at 3:06 pm (Uncategorized)

After another long but restful ride yesterday we arrived in St. Louis around 8:00 PM last night. Greg has done an outstanding job driving, and as you saw from the last video it allowed the rest of us to catch up on some much needed rest! We have a full day today as we will be working with the studio that is mastering the audio for the film as well as our composer here in town. Ask God for creativity and continued vision for pulling all of these stories together into one film!

It is amazing to pull into yet another city and be surrounded by such a great team of people here ready to help us in any way. We were able to get a good nights sleep last night and feel ready to hit the ground moving today. More soon, and we will get a video up later tonight. Love you guys.

Andrew and the BV team

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  1. Stacy said,

    Hey Guys,
    I have a huge praise I wanted to share with you. I thought you might like to know my brother is safely in the states! He and Julie are in FL right now relaxing on the beach! It only took him 6 days of waiting for sand storms to die down in Kuwait, but he’s safe 🙂
    I love you guys and I’m still praying.
    P.S. you should see Nike’s new haircut – you probably got the e-mail. She looks so cute!
    XOXOXO Stacy

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