Beware of the Arch!

June 28, 2008 at 3:51 am (Uncategorized)

We spent the day traveling around St. Louis capturing footage of the city. We were talking at lunch about the city footage days. When the film is played, it’s going to look like these were some of the most fun and relaxing days a person could have. Turns out, city footage days have been some of our hardest days. 

We’ve walked seemingly hundreds of miles in pretty hot conditions! It has been fun to see some great parts of these cities, but we have been absolutely drained by the end of our city footage days. 

This morning we started at the St. Louis Zoo. Major props to the Zoo – for starters, it’s FREE and it was really nice! Caleb walked by every cage and held out his arms as if to say he wanted to cuddle with the Grizzly Bear, Laughing Hyenas, or Black Mamba Snake…it was precious.

Later in the day we made our way over to the St. Louis Arch. I think its official subtitle is “The Gateway to the West.” After today I think our team could come up with a few alternative and colorful subtitles for the Arch. I won’t give it all away because I think we’ll have a podcast tomorrow that describes our day in more detail…but let’s just say Andrew was feeling queazy all day and the Arch pushed him over the edge. 

We got a lot accomplished today and had a great time as a team. But seriously, the team is exhausted and Andrew went to bed really early still feeling sick. By the time most of you read this, we will be in the midst of setting up for an all day shoot with our St. Louis story. Obviously everyone being drained and Andrew being sick isn’t great for an all day shoot. 

Please pray that Andrew will wake up feeling 100% better and that the entire team will be refueled!

You can also pray for Erica tomorrow as she makes her debut appearance as a co-interviewer. She will be joining me on camera as we talk to Allyson and Kelli from St. Louis. Pray that we would have a lot of fun and that a very natural conversation would be able to flow out of our questions. Ask that God would allow us to capture the story he wants to tell through these young ladies. 

We will do our best to post another video update tomorrow. Thank you for all your kind words and prayers! It thrills us to know we have a growing community in this with us. 

Privileged to be In it with you, 

Matt & the BV Team 



  1. Mom Deuel said,

    Sounds like a fun day in St. Louis. Caleb must have the Deuel “animal loving ” genes. Just wait till he starts bringing them home for pets!!

    Praying for all of you today for strength and endurance and especially for Andrew to be well. Erica, you will do great in the interview today. I will be praying for confidence and peace. Just be your sweet self!!

    Love you all. XOOXXOX Mom Deuel

  2. Katie Morgan said,

    Andrew-Hope you got lots of sleep and are feeling better. I love you : )

  3. George said,

    Thinking and praying for the entire BV team throughout the day. Even with Andrew not feeling well and Erica a bit nervous about participating with the interviews, I feel that God will bless your work.

    Love you all!!!


  4. Anonymous said,

    Hey Guys! Good wishes to all of you from Saint Amant. I went up in the arch, all the seats were taken, and it was a neat trip. Sorry it didn’t work out that way for y’all…especially the curly haired guy… sorry Andrew. WE had our Alzheimer’s fund raiser Sunday, we thing we collected a little over $20,000 in the three hours. Good luck with the rest of the trip…God blessing be with y’all. Randy (and Iva) Tullier!

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