Leaving Already?!?

July 2, 2008 at 9:33 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s crazy to think we are leaving Chicago in about 7 hours to head to Grand Rapids. Wow! Our time here has passed very quickly. I know our team has enjoyed different parts of every city – but I think our entire team has fallen in love with Chicago. I keep encouraging everyone to come back during the dead of winter to see if their love for the city is true – ha! It’s been ten years since I was going to school up here. I can’t believe how much the city’s skyline has grown. More importantly we’ve had the privilege of meeting many people who’s hearts are breaking for this city. Churches are working hand in hand on crucial issues. Ministries are combining to accomplish big goals. It has been encouraging to see. 

As usual, our day was packed! We started this morning on a tour of the city to shoot the city footage we needed. We stopped at Navy Pier and had lunch. At 1:30pm Andrew and I had the privilege of being interviewed by WMBI’s Michelle Strombeck. She’s a managing producer and part of WMBI’s morning show. She’s going to edit our piece and air it in a couple of weeks on the morning show. She’s also going to distribute the piece to all of Moody’s affiliate stations for them to use in their programing. Pray that God would use that interview to help us build relationships in many more cities around the country. 

Tonight we met with some good friends, the Spearman’s and the Platt’s. They’ve done some incredible work to help us get connected with some local churches and ministries. Jason Platt is a pastor in the Chicago area. It was inspiring to hear his heart for his church and the things God has been doing in their area. 

Finally – health update – Andrew and Greg are on the upswing. Grant, however, took a dive today. He had a rough spell this morning and spent today getting some rest. He is a workhorse though and got back out in the city for us this afternoon to shoot some more city footage. Pray that Grant would get a great night’s rest tonight and feel tons better tomorrow. 

We’ll work to get a video update together while we are heading to Grand Rapids. Pray for us as we have a really exciting lunch appointment with some folks tomorrow. We are connecting with a ministry that we have looked up to for some time now. We are hoping to open up a great relationship and learn more about this crazy world that we’ve jumped into. 

Please keep spreading the word about this blog and keep posting – your encouraging words mean far more than you know to our team. Thank you for holding us up throughout this journey. 

In it with you, 

Matt & the BV Team



  1. George said,

    Hello BV Team,

    We are proud of each of you and continue to pray for you daily. Glad that health has been restored to Greg and Andrew. Grant, thanks for all you have done and are doing. We will be praying for you and your heath today. Matt, Erica, Emily, Caleb and Cole, I will pray that you remain healthy as well. And we Praise God for the many ways that He continues to bless and provide.

    Have a great day as you travel to Michigan. Maybe shop for a T-shirt for DJ?

    Much love,


  2. DJ said,

    Matt & Erica,

    Happy Anniversary. God has proven over and over again how powerful HE is in blessing BV and directing your paths.

    I am confident that He will also allow you peace and celebration even in the state of M—. Well —- Yes, He is a powerful God.

    Love you both.

    I am sure George’s heart was in the right place, but I’m good on T-shirts.

    Rmember 1685 days to date.


  3. Pam/Mom said,

    To Erica and Matt,
    Hope the day was delightful and memorable as you celebrated your 4th anniversary!
    Miss you

  4. Georgia Spearman said,

    I cannot even put into words how good it was to see all of you! It has been way too long! I was so disappointed for you guys and for us that the meetings were cancelled, but our time together was rich even though it was too short! I/we would have loved to discover more about BV and the impact you are having and the possiblities in the future. Again, if we can help in anyway from long distance, please let us know! We love you guys and are excited to see how God is going to use this film as you bring it back next year! You have a place to stay whenever that is! Love you guys!
    P.S.Caleb and Cole are just as cute as they can be! They were great with not having a normal schedule and being in a new environment! That’s wonderful! And…my grandkids absolutely loved having you there! And of course Emily made a HUGE hit with Emily and Kiley!

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