Only the beginning…

July 7, 2008 at 7:22 am (Uncategorized)

We have reached our final city, and it is lush with corn fields and potatoes! Yes we are in Dayton Ohio today, we got in safely from GR last night about 8:00 PM and after a good nights rest are out in production for the last full day… Thoughts of home sound really nice, but it is also hitting all of us as pretty sad that we are coming to the end of something so incredible. As a team we have become a family, as friends we have become brothers and we have together witnessed God do the unthinkable. 

As we get ready to head home tomorrow, the thing that keeps making me start laughing and my heart overflowing is that what we have seen here is only but the beginning. God is moving in our country, in and through peoples lives and I believe in the story He is writing our lives truly do have a role to play. I used to just say that, but now I believe that with everything in me. This film is only the beginning of an organization that I believe is going to be swept up into some amazing things, but these days you and I are all living are only the beginning of lives that are going to be radically used by God. It has been beautiful to get so many e-mails from people while on the road saying Andrew I haven’t even scene the film yet but I’m in to this God story, I’m all in and I want my life to count. I believe there is a true movement growing, a wave that is building and it will continue as we use our lives to join in the one true Anthem for the glory of our God.

Wow, that makes my heart skip a beat and it makes me so grateful for such a wild invitation we have been given. Thank you as always for your support of our team, this film and the vision behind it. But even more thank you God for inviting broken people to truly play a role in your plan of redemption for this broken world. More soon and a video from the road tomorrow am, we actually shot one but could not load it due to poor internet issues here. Love you guys, still blown away by your support…

Andrew and the bv team



  1. kevin said,

    Hey guys, It sounds like you guys had an incredible time on the road and it sounds like God did amazing things through you guys while on the road , and i hope you guys have a safe travel back to Atlanta tom… well I must say its been awesome keeping up with you guys while you travel, in a sense i feel like i was there with out being there which is an awesome feeling to have and to know that you guys care enough to keep us up to date with all the things that are going on while trying to take care of your own family’s… thanks again for the time you guys took to put the videos together and have a great ride home… later Kevin Colwell

    P.S. so you finally solved my problem on figuring out that Greg Tinkle was with you guys, cos for some reason one day while reading your undates i thought to myself, I think thats Greg Tinkle and of course you guys say Greg’s last name on the update video in GR… thanks haha

  2. Mom Deuel said,

    Praising God for an awsome trip and an incredible adventure. Praying today for traveling mercies as you head south. I am so proud of all of you and the work and effort you have put forth to make all of this happen. No doubt, God has great plans to use the film to bring many young and old to find meaning in their life and to awaken a desire to know Him and to serve Him.

    Told Napoleon and Dixie this morning that their little buddy was coming home and they have started gathering up their toys and blankets to go home. They are so excited. Looking forward to hugs and kisses!! Love you all XOXOXOXO

  3. Morgan said,

    Guys, I can’t believe how quickly this trip has gone – seems like yesterday you were getting commissioned at FBC. So proud of you and excited to see how God uses this. Praying for safety and great time of reflection.

  4. Wes Stinson said,

    Broken Voices team,

    Congratulations on your journey and all you have done for Him throughout your travels. I know it has been a long, challenging journey at times, but you guys made it look so easy and that is because God was with you the entire time laying his hands on each of you.

    I wish you a safe trip home to Atlanta and the best of luck on editing the film. I cannot wait to see the film.

    God speed!

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