A Raw Clip

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We have spent this week watching and digitizing a lot of footage from Anthem. As Andrew would say, he works hard all day while I sit around and watch TV. Ha! It’s been a tiring week working through hours and hours of footage, yet it is so exciting to hear the stories again. 

Today we wanted to give you the first sneak peak into one of our interviews. It’s a raw unedited clip, but something that God has been using to move and challenge me.

In the clip you are going to see Tim Brosnan who lives with his family in Austin, Texas. Tim runs a really cool organization called People Not Profit. Tim’s organization is doing some really amazing things in Austin and around the world. The stuff that has been striking me though, is how committed Tim and his wife are to following Jesus in their everyday life. They are doing some really simple yet powerful things in their neighborhood and it was incredibly inspiring to see it firsthand! 

Enjoy the first clip from Anthem…

Matt & the BV Team



  1. kevin said,

    hey guys, hope all is going well with the video?, well i hope to see a new update any day now haha.. I truly love staying connected with you guys, its just awesome to hear the new and exciting things that are happening.. well take care and ill talk to you guys sometime in the future hopefully.. later

  2. Morgan said,

    Great to see a small piece of this thing. I know you guys are working hard. Keep it up, I believe God is going to use this in huge ways.

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