Jack’s Story

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As we continue work every day on Anthem, fundraising, and the future of Broken Voices, God continues to bless us with so many new relationships. This week we had the privilege of sharing our vision with Lanny Donoho from BigStuf Productions & BigStuf Camps. Our time together was a huge encouragement. Lanny shared with us his heart and a couple of stories that have had us choked up all week. 

The story God is writing is amazing. Every time we think we get it He peels back a new layer and shows us more. He is so big. As you head into your weekend please find 30 minutes to read and watch one of the stories Lanny shared with us. Lanny promised us it would be worth it – he was right. Below is the first part of the story.

After you watch this video, click here for the rest of the story – start from the bottom and work your way up to the top. It is incredible.


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How are you being?

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I’d normally ask you, how are you doing? But today I’m more curious about how are you being.

Recently I’ve been reading through the Gospels. I want more and more to follow Christ well. I figure a decent place to start is really reading, observing, and meditating on his life through the Scriptures. 

Today I read Mark chapter 9. There are a number of seemingly random scenes. However, the more I reflect the more I’m finding a common thread throughout the stories. The first story has Jesus, James, and Peter climbing a mountain. At the top of the mountain Jesus goes through transfiguration. Lots of bright lights, clouds, two dead guys Moses and Elijah appear, and then they hear the voice of God. Not your everyday nature trail up the mountain sort of hike. James and Peter are understandably just a little stunned. Peter suggests they build a memorial for the occasion. 

After they come down the mountain they come upon the rest of the disciples and a crowd. There’s a man there with his demon-possessed son. The man tells Jesus the disciples couldn’t heal his son. After teaching the man a lesson about faith Jesus heals the boy and tells his disciples that removing the demon required prayer. 

Finally Jesus and the disciples walk to the town of Capernaum. When they get there Jesus asks the disciples what they had been arguing about on the way. They sat in silence. Jesus knew they were arguing about who was considered the greatest disciple. He responds by telling them, “Anyone who wants to be first must be last, the servant of all.” 

What I’m seeing is that like the disciples I often stray off of the bullseye. Like Peter, I can experience an unbelievable moment and I try to get to work to add to that moment. It’s like I need to show off my worth or value when God just wanted me to experience the moment and rest in his presence. Or in the case of the demon-possessed boy the disciples were trying with all their power to cast out the demon and yet the power was in their relationship with God. In telling them they had to pray it’s as if Jesus was telling them to refocus their dependence. In the conversation of who is greatest, again it’s the wrong focus. To be great means to give yourself away rather than manipulate and politic your way to the top. While I strive to be great and live a life that means something I can so easily be distracted by the potential of what could be rather than capturing the humble and simple moment that is staring me right in the eye. 

All in all I feel like it has a lot to do with being rather than doing. I don’t know about you, but I can “do” things well. For me just to “be” is really hard. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it means we shouldn’t be about accomplishing good things in our journey of faith. I do however believe there must be a focus from which we operate.  I’m coming to see that God cares far more about my living and breathing relationship with him than he cares about the things I can accomplish.  

This is especially challenging for us as we work to build Broken Voices. 

As we are creating this film, planning tons of events, and are in front of people every week it is very easy to drift into “doing.” But hey, we are doing this for God so it must be good, right? The moment that my relationship with God isn’t the thing, then I have nothing to offer. The moment that I miss what God is doing in and around me because I’m too busy constructing things, then I have missed him. The second we get impressed with ourselves, our film, or our organization, then we’ve fired a stray shot far from the bullseye of what God is dreaming about. 

We desperately need to be. Being in a relationship, trusting, and throwing ourselves at the feet of our heavenly father is the only way we will ever accomplish anything worth while – and I’m also coming to believe it’s the best and most exciting way to live. 

So, how are you being? 

Matt & The BV Team

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You have to hit the button

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Love Moves – Broken Voices at NPCC

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Christmas in August

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We have three things to tell you that you simply must know today.

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One God

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Check in with us for the Monday update on all things Broken Voices!

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Know, Believe, Live

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When life becomes difficult you often hear the charge to, “have faith.” I’m coming to see that everyone has faith. We are all believing and trusting in someone or something. Who are you trusting today?  The battle for my faith and trust is between me and God. And the crazy thing is, I am the only one fighting. God is just being who He always has been while I spin my wheels like I know what I’m doing. 

God is faithful. I know this. I can see that in the scriptures. I’ve seen His faithfulness in my own life many times. Do I believe God is faithful and trustworthy? I think so. Do I live like God is faithful? Not very often. 

When push comes to shove I allow my faith to drift, from a confidence in who God is and who He has promised to be, to faith in my own abilities to take control. I believe I can fix things. I live like I can manage life to go my way. When things settle back down I allow God to take back over. 

God has been using my involvement in Broken Voices to change my life. Having a faith that is alive and moving can’t be something that resides in my head. I’m seeing more and more that my faith in God must be an active conviction, something that connects down to the deepest fibers of who I am. He’s causing me to believe and live out things that I have known for a very long time. It’s exciting. It’s scary. I hope it’s the way I choose to live the rest of my life. I hope and pray that you will live your days believing there is a God who is not only worthy of your complete trust but who is also walking with you every step of the way. 

God used some young ladies in St. Louis to challenge my faith in a really cool way. In another raw clip from Anthem you are going to meet Allyson and Kelli. Every week they get together with a group of friends to work on a project that is so cool! You’ll hear all about their project in the film, but in the meantime enjoy this clip from a group of girls who know, believe, and live like there is a God worth trusting. 

Matt & the BV Team

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Not so special…

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Good morning! I hope Tuesday or whatever day you read this is treating you well. I know we promised you something special today but some plans changed. So you all get this super special blog post instead. We were going to be in the studio with some musicians recording music for the Anthem soundtrack. Our plan was to bring you a “live from the studio” podcast but we moved some things around and sadly no studio videos today…

Work on the film continues. To say we are getting more and more excited about it would be an understatement. It’s tedious work we are in these next couple of weeks, but we are already seeing the story emerge and come together in a beautiful way. Continue to pray as we are working hard on the fundraising side as well. Ask the same God who created these dreams and ideas to continue to provide. Thanks to many of you who responded to the last podcast and are helping us out, that means the world to us. Check back Friday for a podcast, thanks again!

Andrew and the BV team

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Pics & Some Tasty Music

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Here are some pictures from our time in Austin & Dallas, Texas. While you watch, you can groove to a tune from our composer, Brent Johnson. Enjoy! We’ll be back with something special some time on Tuesday.

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