Know, Believe, Live

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When life becomes difficult you often hear the charge to, “have faith.” I’m coming to see that everyone has faith. We are all believing and trusting in someone or something. Who are you trusting today?  The battle for my faith and trust is between me and God. And the crazy thing is, I am the only one fighting. God is just being who He always has been while I spin my wheels like I know what I’m doing. 

God is faithful. I know this. I can see that in the scriptures. I’ve seen His faithfulness in my own life many times. Do I believe God is faithful and trustworthy? I think so. Do I live like God is faithful? Not very often. 

When push comes to shove I allow my faith to drift, from a confidence in who God is and who He has promised to be, to faith in my own abilities to take control. I believe I can fix things. I live like I can manage life to go my way. When things settle back down I allow God to take back over. 

God has been using my involvement in Broken Voices to change my life. Having a faith that is alive and moving can’t be something that resides in my head. I’m seeing more and more that my faith in God must be an active conviction, something that connects down to the deepest fibers of who I am. He’s causing me to believe and live out things that I have known for a very long time. It’s exciting. It’s scary. I hope it’s the way I choose to live the rest of my life. I hope and pray that you will live your days believing there is a God who is not only worthy of your complete trust but who is also walking with you every step of the way. 

God used some young ladies in St. Louis to challenge my faith in a really cool way. In another raw clip from Anthem you are going to meet Allyson and Kelli. Every week they get together with a group of friends to work on a project that is so cool! You’ll hear all about their project in the film, but in the meantime enjoy this clip from a group of girls who know, believe, and live like there is a God worth trusting. 

Matt & the BV Team


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  1. Hailin said,

    Great job, and great videos! keep up the great work!

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