We’ve Got Mail!

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  1. Joni said,

    That is so sweet!!! You know, I want you guys to know that if i had a credit card, I would give it to you!!ok…maybe not, but it’s a good thought..right? anyways, I want you to know that even though I don’t have any money to give, I haven’t forgotten about you guys. I have a bulletin, from that one week you came to church, and it is hanging up on my mirror, so every morning when i am getting ready, and i see it and pray for you guys!! I haven’t been on this in a while, and it is so encouraging, and inspiring to read it all, and see all the videos!!

  2. Georgia Spearman said,

    THANKS MATT for doing this! I know John and the girls will love seeing it! Seriously speaking…you had a big impact on them and they TRULY LOVE YOU GUYS…AND John was TRULY impressed with the HUGE RV! The girls especially connected with Emily b/c she went up to their rooms and hung out! 🙂

    As I was thinking back over you visit here…I was reminded about what a great ministry you guys are having and can’t wait to see the results of your trip!

    Hope all is well with BV family…………..love you guys, Georgia

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