Anthem Trailer

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Anthem is available now – Click Here to get your copy today!



  1. Dan said,

    This is fantastic! It’s going to be great.

  2. Mom Deuel said,

    Awesome!! I cried all the way through it. How will I ever be able to watch the full length version?
    I am proud of you guys and I know God will use this in a big and mighty way to bring Glory to Himself.
    Love you guys.

  3. Dad Deuel said,

    Mom Deuel just wrote what I was going to write. She and I tend to think alike at times. Keep strong in your faith Broken Voices Team and continue to tell God’s story.

  4. Wesley Stinson said,

    Broken Voices Team,

    I honestly cannot wait to see the film. I got involved and captivated thanks to “Dad Deuel” and now I check the site often to see the latest news from the BV crew. The trailer is awesome and is a great tease.

    Looking forward to seeing the movie. The team has been an inspiration to me as all of you put your day to day lives on hold to spread God’s word and do more.

    May God continue to bless each and every one of you and provide you the strength and health to get through this film and all the other journeys you will embark on. Keep up the great work!

    On the edge of my seat, waiting for the movie……

  5. Matt M said,

    Guys…Awesome…can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  6. David said,

    Thanx for sharing this morning… The video clip is a great start and I look forward to seeing the full length version…My girls will love it. Trust, relationship, and accountability…

    Phil 1:6

  7. kevin said,

    hey guys, okay so this preview is amazing and i truly can not wait to buy and see the actually documentary… thanks again for all your guys hard work… cya guys

  8. greg t said,

    … and God saw all that He had made and said: It is very good.


  9. carolyn said,

    oooooh, this is gonna be good. can’t wait to see it.

  10. Josh Roland said,

    Brilliant – a masterpiece in bloom – so exciting!

  11. Jordan & Krisi said,

    AMAZING! The best trailer I’ve seen since The Fast and the Furious!
    Seriously though, we are so, so proud of you guys. The film looks incredible and we know that God has huge plans for it and you!

  12. Baylee said,

    That is fantastic! I’m so proud of all that you guys have done, and I cannot wait to see what God is going to do though you next!

  13. Kflowe said,

    incredible! The faithfulness of God is brilliantly on display already. Well done.

  14. John Carpenter said,

    You are documenting the existence of the reality for which our hearts barely dared to hope.


  15. jeremy said,


  16. Tanya said,

    Awesome guys! May God use this to touch more people than you can even imagine! Prayers go to you for more strength, endurance and power that only HE can give you toward gloifying Him over and over through this! One of my greatest joys in life is seeing people have a passion and actually seeing it come alive!

  17. gary mckenney said,

    The trailer looks incredible! I can’t wait to see the whole thing. God is doing something incredible with you all!!!

  18. Doug said,

    Great stuff guys! Thanks for sharing the teaser with me. God is gonna use this in a big way – the vision is becoming a reality!!!

  19. Amy Z said,

    How Great is our God!! I am so proud of you guys and so excited at what God is already doing that I just do not have the right words.
    I love you!

  20. Linda Griffeth said,

    God is the ultimate creator and communicator. It all originates with God. Anytime you use your creativity, that is WORSHIP. There is no beginning or end to HIM so therefore it is unlimited what you will have to bring to HIS altar through this journey.
    Show us one voice on the trailer guys, just to leave us hungry to hear more.

  21. Anonymous said,

    Interesting, though not sure from clip what you are trying to communicate–David Baker, a Christian brother asked me to send a word of encouragement, but not sure what I am to encourage–It’s a little vague

  22. Steve said,

    Wow! It’s amazing how much you communicated in 3 minutes!? If the entire film is anything like this it will be incredible! Thank you for risking so much to clearly present the stories of people who are making a difference with their lives. We are praying for you and your families!

  23. greg t said,

    Anonymous said,
    Interesting . . . but not sure what I am to encourage–It’s a little vague

    um, i believe we’re supposed to “encourage ONE ANOTHER”.
    Evidently (and shockingly!), that means we’re to encourage and love PEOPLE!
    sweet! 🙂
    love you guys!

  24. Sue Stovall said,

    I loved it also. I know God has big plans for you. In this economic time, it is difficult for all of us to trust that God is in control. We have to continually believe he is in charge of ALL things. God bless your team.

    I can’t wait to see the entire film.

  25. Andrew said,

    Can’t wait !!

  26. KathyB said,

    Wow! This looks so great – I can’t wait to see the whole film!!!

  27. Lisa and Dustin Crider said,

    So proud!!

  28. Mango said,

    I laughed…I cried…I felt part of the people’s lives. The lighting, location and wardrobe were incredible and the movie oozed with passion. (and I loved the outtake at the end.) Can’t wait to see how God edits this film. – an aspiring movie critic

    Prayers for continued safety in travel and for abundance in all needs.
    Tha Mango Family

  29. TSE said,

    I can’t wait to see the full length! This is awesome, I am inspired even more to know that what I do makes a difference.

  30. k said,

    andrew came and spoke at my church
    tonight and he blew me away. he is
    such an inspiration to me. thanks andrew.

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  34. Jon Taylor said,

    Matt D, this is incredible… we need to talk! w00t!

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