New Beginning

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It’s early Monday morning, one of my favorite times of the week. Everything feels new, but there is a dark side to this new beginning. It’s so easy for me to begin letting the things that I do define who I am. On the days this week that I create or do something that I feel is meaningful, I will feel great about myself. On the days that I struggle and don’t produce much, I will not.

I’m so excited about a new chance to dream and work, a chance to create and plan, but there is the bold truth I must start and end on this week…Nothing we accomplish, nothing someone says, nothing we achieve will define who we are. Love defines me this week, and that same love defines you. Whether you have a week full of success and progress, or a week that feels like failure at every turn, we are loved. That is the truest thing about us this week. We are free to fully go for it this week knowing nothing we do will change that love.

“Nothing can separate us from God’s Love”

I’m writing more to myself than anyone else, this is just so easy for me to forget. What about you, how do you prevent “doing” from defining you?


  1. Becca said,

    This is such a good reminder for me! I know that being a mom is amazing and worthwhile and I love it — but sometimes I have this nagging feeling (not truth – just emotion) that it’s not ENOUGH. That I cannot be successful and just be a mom. I think some of that comes from my mom and things she told us growing up, but part of it also is the culture and what people tell women these days 🙂 That said, I also really LOVE doing my ministry stuff and do not feel like I neccessarily should give it up because I am a mom . . . anyways, all this to say I’m still figuring it all out – and thanks for the reminder!

  2. karen said,

    This is a great and timely reminder. Truthfully, I get this backwards a lot.

  3. Katie Morgan said,

    So so true. Why does it so often require us failing before we realize that it isn’t our success that defines us? If we lived out of this in the first place we would save ourselves alot of pain and frustration

  4. Megan Walling said,

    What beautiful words. And they’re words I need now more than ever. A couple of months ago I dropped out of graduate school because I felt like my heart just wasn’t in it anymore. I’m realizing now how much I care about being a mother and having the time to devote to my kids and the rest of my family. God is helping me to realize the things that are truly important to me, even if they don’t come with prestige and a large salary. I’ve been brought up to think that I can do anything and be anything, but should concentrate on the things that would make me “successful” according to the worlds standards. I know now that those standards don’t mean anything. I’m following my heart now, more than I ever have, and I’m hoping it will continue to get me closer to the heart of God.

  5. greg t said,

    I usually prevent “doing” from defining me by simply not doing very much!
    Great blog / reminder! Thank you!
    Thomas Merton is one of my fave peeps; he wrote:
    “Love is my true identity. Selflessness is my true self. Love is my true character. Love is my name.”

  6. esther said,

    Thank you. Much needed.

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