The Enduring Story

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“Since all the world is but a story,
it were well for thee to choose the
more enduring story, rather than
the story that is less enduring”. 

— St. Columba of Scotland

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Meet Jill

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A huge thank you to those of you who have already signed up! We are so excited to see how God continues to use all of us in huge ways.

For more information and to become an Insider today CLICK HERE

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Roswell High School

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Thank you Roswell High School for such a warm welcome. We enjoyed spending the morning with you guys and are excited about what God is doing through all of you on your campus. Please keep emailing and sending us messages – we love hearing from you! 

Next Up:  Sequoyah High School in Canton, GA this Friday! We are praying for a powerful time of awakening on Sequoyah’s campus. Please join us in lifting up these incredible students! masthead_r2_c2

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Pre-Order Anthem and Save!

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To pre-order your copy of Anthem:  CLICK HERE

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Anthem Release Date Announced!

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It’s official – mark your calendarsthe release date for Anthem is January 20th!

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BV at North Point Community Church

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Inside Out, we were beyond honored to be with you guys tonight. Words can’t express how exciting it was to talk to so many of you afterwards and hear your hearts to pursue what God has for you. Keep it up, keep moving, and stay in touch with us!


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Home Screenings

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We get emails all the time from people who ask if there are ways to serve with Broken Voices – the answer is YES and right now we have an immediate need. Over the next few months we are conducting home screenings of Anthem. 

We need your home and your people!

If you have an open evening between now and March, a living room, basement, theater room, bonus room, etc., that can show a DVD and hold anywhere from 10-30 people, you meet qualifications number one and two. The final ask is that you would set out a few snacks, drinks, and arrange for 10-30ish of your friends, family, co-workers, golf partners, piano teacher, dog sitters, etc., to join us for about 2 hours. 

What to expect:

10-15 minutes of mingling and snacks as people arrive. A five minute intro of Broken Voices and the film. 75 minutes of the most exciting film you will ever see, at least until we make another one. 30 minutes of follow-up discussion, Q&A, and a very simple invitation from us for people to join us in what God is doing through Broken Voices. 

Will you and your friends get pressed for money and feel awkward? 

The purpose of the screening is to share the vision of Broken Voices and invite people to join us. So while we are asking people to consider joining us financially, no one will be put on the spot. We will share all the exciting things God has done this year and the amazing dreams he’s leading us towards in 2009. We will provide a packet of information for people to take home and read more. Then we will send a follow-up email to everyone who attends thanking them for their attendance and checking in to see if they have any further thoughts or questions. 

It’s simple. It’s also a lot of fun. We’ve held about a dozen of these screenings the past two months and it has been so exciting to share the film with people. 

If you are interested in hosting a screening send an email titled “home screening” to and we’ll be in touch!

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Sleeping Beauty

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Andrew & Matt check in with a late night report from the road…

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Making Noise in St. Louis

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Matt is in St. Louis working on Anthem’s final sound mix with our composer/sound supervisor, Brent Johnson. Enjoy…

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Outside Perspective

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This week we were in Michigan. On Monday and Tuesday we were northeast of Detroit shooting a story that we will be sharing in the future. After the shoot we made our way to Grand Rapids. On Wednesday morning we had the privilege of screening the film with the staff at Flannel.

Flannel produces the short film series known as Nooma. They are producing some of the best short films, period. We’ve enjoyed their work and looked up to them for several years. To sit down and share our film with their staff and a few other friends in Grand Rapids was an honor. It was also a little bit intimidating to be honest.

They were great. They expressed a lot of excitement over Anthem. They also gave a ton of GREAT feedback, constructive criticism, and encouragement. It was exactly what we needed.

As Andrew and I processed on the way home we were so grateful for our time with Flannel. We discussed the whole concept of being open to an outside perspective. Often times we can be so wrapped up in our own thoughts, ideas, projects, etc., that we close ourselves off from an outside voice.

As you stay close to your own ideas it is so easy to lose focus and perspective. Having a positive outside influence in your life can provide the perspective to make you better a person. Opening up your organization to an outside perspective can make you stronger and more efficient. We all need close and consistent community to do life well. However, I believing more than ever that an outside influence can protect you from blind spots and closed minded thinking.

We believe that Anthem will be better thanks to the feedback from our friends at Flannel.

How about you? Do you have outsiders that you occasionally let in for some feedback and perspective?

This coming week is a HUGE week for us. We’ll bring you up to speed on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend,
Matt & the BV Team

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